• 20th May, 2022
  • by Dr Stephanie Baker-Su (Science and society writer with a background in psychology and neuroscience research).

Neuroplasticity And Mental Health: The Real Science Of Rewiring Our Brains

The possibility of being able to ‘rewire’ our brains is exciting. The changes we could make, the things that could happen. The people we could finally become. When we feel trapped in cycles of negative thinking or find ourselves regretting seemingly unchangeable behaviours, the promise of a magical brain change can be an enticing one. But if you were to ask a neuroscientist about it, most would likely grimace. Rewiring our brains, or neuroplasticity, is a messy and broad idea, and often misunderstood. But that doesn’t mean we should feel stuck. That there’s no hope of change or things getting better. In fact, when you look at the science behind our plastic brains, you’re probably already doing it.

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